This Week

October 25, 2020

Hello Blackduck Free Church family. Here’s what’s happening this weekend at BEFC, including some major announcements

Sunday School and ABC Are Back  We will be offering Sunday School classes for pre-K to 6th grade and the Adult Bible Class starting this Sunday (October 25).  The ABC will restart the video series “A Clash of Kingdoms”.

This Week’s Worship Service Singing’s back as well. We will be singing during the worship service for the foreseeable future. Not quite as many songs, but singing nonetheless. It will sound better if you can fill in the rows in our socially distanced seating first in the sanctuary and then in the fellowship hall. We’ll dive back into James, looking at James 2.114-26.

This Week’s Live Stream Yes, we will still be live streaming our worship service on Sunday, October 25. You can watch it here.

Live Stream Feedback  Last week our tech crew had to stop the live stream of the service just before 10:30. In the scramble to get us back on the interwebs, we had to start an new stream with completely different settings. If this happens again (and it, or something like it will because it is technology and 2020) or you can’t find the link to the live stream for this week, be sure to head to the BEFC You Tube page where you can find the current live stream as well as other services you might have missed.  

Sunday Night Small Group Guess what? We’re starting this up as well. Everyone is invited to come for an informal time of fellowship, prayer, Bible study and food. Three’s a few changes as well. The group will be meeting at the church starting at 6 pm. We won’t be serving a light meal, just dessert or snacks. To get us up to speed, we’ll spend some time looking at Psalm 25 for our Bible study.

Masks Every church is struggling with this issue. Some are more “Covid-casual”, as one of my pastor colleagues put it, others not so much. As a church we’re trying to strike the right balance and I understand everyone has their opinion and preferences.  I still haven’t met anyone who is thrilled to wear a mask. You can go to 10 sources on the internet and get 26 pro and con about them from medical and civil liberties perspectives. Toss in how to interpret Romans 13.1-2 and it’s no wonder there is no consensus. I want you to wear a mask out of consideration for others. That said, we’re not going to play mask police and shame you or ask you to leave if you don’t. You and I know this is a tricky issue to navigate. Every one of us is going to have to balance our personal preferences and rights for the greater good of the entire family. Philippians 2.3b-4 reminds us “Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others.” We will all need to be people who extend grace to others.

Operation Christmas Child  It is that time of year when we really start thinking about Operation Christmas Child boxes. We are not sure what this year packing the boxes will look like, but we certainly want to get them packed and sent off to the children who have very little, and we want to share Jesus’ love with them through our boxes. Please pray for each child who gets a box too please.

We do want to have in each box…a toothbrush, comb or brush, bar of soap, washcloth, hair ties, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, color crayons or markers, colored pencils, dry paint sets, paper notebook or loose leaf paper, ruler, index cards, scissor for school. Some kids, if they have no school supplies, are not allowed to go to school. We need to put in a fun item…baby dolls, Barbies, stuffed animals, cars/trucks/trains, tractors, soccer ball and pump, small hammer with nails, screwdrivers with screws, fishing kit, sewing kit, jump ropes, Slinky’s, small balls, necklaces, sunglasses, balloons, baseball hats, beanie hats, socks, shirts, dresses, shorts, underwear. We also try and add in a water bottle or cup, forks and spoons, a bowl or small plate.

If you have any questions about what we can send or want to talk it over, please feel free to call me, (Wendy Krueth) at 835-7769. I pray we can still send a good number of boxes. If anyone would like an OCC box I will sure either get one or more to you and I will get some ready and have them in the church foyer soon. Thanks so much! Please pray too about the shipping costs, they are $9.00 a box to send. If you want to see the excitement of the Children receiving their boxes just go to and look under What we do and click on Operation Christmas Child.

Men’s Prayer Group  The men’s prayer group will be meeting at 7:30 am this Saturday. All men are invited to come for a time of prayer.

Giving  Thanks to all of you who have continued to give to support the ministry of the church. Just a reminder that you can mail a check to BEFC, Attn: Financial Secretary, PO Box 515, Blackduck MN 56630.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday.