COVID-19 Updates

August 9, 2020

Covid-19 Prayer First off, can I ask you to pray specifically during the coming weeks about the effects of the pandemic for the following:

  • A significant decline in cases: A no brainer, but so much depends on this.
  • School reopening: This will affect our fall student ministries as well as parents. Leaders have to make decisions that are bound to disappoint at least half of the involved people. They need courage and wisdom
  • Ministry restart: When and how are we going to restart our youth ministries? Again, wisdom and creativity are going to be needed
  • Unity: We all have different opinions about what measures we should or shouldn’t take as we seek to gather together. We need to love each other when we disagree

 Live Stream Yes, we will still be live streaming our worship service on Sunday, August 9 Click here to access the live stream.  We plan to go live around 9:55 with the actual service starting at 10:00. It might be wise to click on the link a little earlier just to make sure you have a good connection. By the way, don’t be afraid to use the comment feature to let us know if you are online, if you are having issues with sound or want to make a comment about the service.

Giving  Thanks to all of you who have continued to give to support the ministry of the church. Just a reminder that you can mail a check to BEFC, Attn: Financial Secretary, PO Box 515, Blackduck MN 56630.

Live Worship We’re still back. Not where we want to be. But back none the less Here are some things you should be aware of.

  • Bulletins: We will have bulletins available for you to pick up. Our friendly ushers will be still be there to greet you. They just won’t hand you a bulletin.
  • Seating: The chairs are all spread out in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. This means you probably won’t be able to sit in your accustomed place.
  • Offering: We have two offering boxes, one in the foyer and one in the back of the fellowship hall. Please place your offering there as you come in. Our ushers will bring the offering to the front of the worship center as part of our service.
  • Children’s Bags: We’ve removed them for the time being, so parents will have to bring their own.
  • Nursery: There won’t be a nursery during this transition period.
  • Singing: Baby steps. Trust me, this is one of the top five things I’ve missed about us not worshiping together. We will listen to two songs (“A Mighty Fortress” and “The Goodness of Jesus””) and sing “Burdens are Lifted at Calvary” to close the service. A song sheet is attached for your home viewing pleasure and use.
  • Message: I’m using Psalm 69 as the text for the message. Consider reading it before you come for worship 

Self-Screening  I can’t emphasize enough that if you don’t feel well (fever, cough, shortness of breath), please don’t come back until you are better. Do this for your sake and the sake of your brothers and sisters.